Heroes and Horses

Heroes & Horses of the Ozarks, Inc. is a nonprofit that supports veterans, first responders and their families by providing access to equine assisted psychotherapy “EAP”. This experiential model of therapy is unique and most helpful when traditional talk therapy doesn’t seem to work. We refer to this program as “Heroes and Horses”.  A recent client, while working in the arena with the horses, commented that the horse he was working with “is my only real relationship.” While this may seem sad, it was a tremendous step in the right direction for this young man who served after 9/11, moved back home and tried many types of talk therapy. He managed to complete his degree from U of A without making one friend. Now he wants to work and begin to give back to his community.

After many years of working at the VA, Kim returned to private practice but couldn’t get the veterans and their families out of her heart and mind. She has worked with groups from the VA Mental Health Clinic as well as the PTSD Clinical team for training. The staff is very supportive and would like to make more referrals. EAP is not currently covered under VA benefits.  Heroes and Horses of the Ozarks makes it possible for veterans, first responders and their families to gain access to these mental health resources.

We understand that you are committed to other organizations who help in wonderful ways. What we ask, is that you consider Heroes & Horses, as a way to assist in providing mental health services to those who really want to improve their lives and get back into society as productive citizens. We are committed to working with veterans, first responders and their families so that they can readjust to civilian life, to learn healthy relationship skills and make choices that benefit their families for their lifetime.

Heroes & Horses of the Ozarks, Inc. is a (501)(C)(3) non-profit organization that serves Veterans, First Responders and their families in the NW Arkansas region. Mental health issues are addressed utilizing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP).

Common problems that are addressed in sessions include: Readjustment and reintegration from military life into civilian culture; returning to the work force or changing careers; returning to college or schools for specialized training; problems communicating effectively with others; marriage, family and parenting issues; re-establishing meaningful relationships and post traumatic stress disorder “PTSD”.

Learning to acknowledged and manage specific feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, and isolation. Problem solving and communication skills can also be improved through working with the horses.

All Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) are facilitated by Kim Copps, LCSW at Corral Coaching & Counseling, PLLC in a covered arena. Fees for Heroes & Horses services are provided by donations.



Corral Coaching and CounselingIf you would like to help support Veterans and their families through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, please make checks payable to Heroes & Horses of the Ozarks. Mail to: 10373 Wager Road, Bentonville, AR 72712. Attn. Kim Copps, LCSW.


A hero working with Regis and Newman