Meet our Herd


Kim Copps

Community service has been a lifelong part of Kim’s life. She has volunteered at the University of Arkansas Dorothy King Equine Program and been a Nettleship Society Member with her husband. She has served NASW Arkansas as a Board member and enjoyed both volunteering with the Benton County 4H Horse club as well as serving as a leader. She lives on a farm in NW Arkansas with her family.


Kim Copps, LCSW, is the owner and therapist of Corral Coaching & Counseling, PLLC. She is an experienced therapist with diverse populations including individuals, couples, families, and Veterans. She has done team building and training with corporate groups, non-profit staff and school teachers. Her strengths perspective in counseling and teaching has a strong emphasis on open communication.

Kim was born and raised in south Arkansas. She completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington. She has worked as a medical social worker, in community outreach, in non-profit organizations and in mental health as a supervisor and therapist at the Veterans Healthcare System of the Ozarks in Fayetteville.

She has multiple certifications and evidence base therapy trainings through the VA including Cognitive Processing Therapy, Prolonged Exposure, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Problem Solving and Military Sexual Trauma.

She received EAGALA level 1training in 2001; EAP for Business with Horse Sense of the Carolinas in 2007; Trauma Focused EAP Basic in 2013 and Advanced Trauma Focused EAP in 2015. She attends yearly conferences across the country in Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.




Scout is a registered American Paint Horse. He was born in 2000 and came to our farm in 2005. He has had 2 homes with ours being the second and final. It took him a while to learn that he could be safe here and that no one would ever hit him.
He provides quiet leadership, is respected by all of the herd and is a really good “boundaries” teacher.



Gracie is a registered American Paint Horse like her brother, Scout. (They have the same sire/father.) She was born on our farm in 2005. It was a once in a lifetime experience for our family to be there for her breeding, birth and forever home. She is an example of nature and nurture in perfect balance. She has a good gene pool and has been safe, secure and loved her entire life. Her beauty is external and internal. Her calm and kind disposition make her a wonderful teacher in the arena.



Luther is a registered American Quarter Horse, born in Minnesota in 2000. He was born to be a show horse and lived the first five years of his life doing just that, all across the country with his first 2 families. He came to us in 2007 and continued to compete a few more years.

He is our “high maintenance” teacher, ie, sometimes those with the most problems, take a lot more effort to love. His issues are particularly helpful for people struggling with addiction, the effects of too much stress and unhealthy habits.



Regis is a registered American Quarter Horse and also born in 2000.
He is our “big guy” as he is very tall but has a heart the size of Texas.
He is calm, quiet loves everyone. He is particularly helpful with issues for people with chronic and ongoing challenges.



Newman is a registered American Quarter Horse; he was born in 2005. He came to us as an all-around show horse and has competed in AQHA shows all around the country. He is an excellent teacher and extremely patient with his humans. It takes great restraint on his part to allow the student to be the leader. He can be a good teacher with people who have physical disabilities.